Dear Kinja

Only one booking on Saturday night. Sat at home dressed and made up, half watching the TV half watching my phone til about 10 pm, when at last it rang. The guy told me not to ring the doorbell when I got there as his kid was asleep upstairs.

He was about my age and very conventionally good looking. We didn't actually have sex, just kissed and touched a lot and he got ice cubes from the freezer and ran them all over me. I gave him a BJ to finish, which was slightly awkward at first because his penis was quite big and very curved. I caught his semen with a baby wipe but on the way to the bathroom some of it dripped onto the floor, and I was apologetic but he cleaned it up himself.

He said his wife was a flight attendant (she was absent, obviously) and their sex life was almost non existent due to the toddler and other factors. So when she was away he'd occasionally hire a prostitute, but would rarely have full sex with them as he was "more into the sensual side of being intimate with someone". And he said he'd never consider having an affair.

There were lots of photos around the house. The kid looks super cute and his wife looks very pretty.

When I checked my phone I'd had a lot of random texts that I wasn't going to waste credit chasing up, and one voice mail from an American sounding dude saying he'd try again later. When I returned the call it turned out to be from one of the big hotels in town, but obviously wasn't his room just the main switchboard so not much I could do with that.

He didn't call back unfortunately. I sat at home watching A League Of Their Own and a few of my favourite episodes of The Office (US version) on Netflix and then accepted there would be no more bookings tonight and went to bed.